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Wonderful Wood

Date: 23rd Sep 2017
Start Time: 10:00 am
End Time: 2:00 pm

23rd September.

Wonderful Wood - A day for everyone to get close to wood with Steve, one of our volunteers, and the Coventry Wood Carvers. 

We will have examples of different woods and you can find out why each  species of wood was selected above others for a particular task. You can  delve into the folk-lore and aesthetics of wood.  

We plan to have a wood turning demonstration. Wood turning was an important part of wheel making.  The hubs were roughly cut to shape from the tree trunk using an adze and then mounted in the lathe to make them cylindrical.

Until the advent of the steam engine and the internal combustion engine, the lathes were powered either by water wheel, treadle or horse. At Chedham’s, treadle power was used and the remains of the treadle machine are still in the workshop.

In the garden area the Coventry Wood Carvers will be displaying some of their carvings and showing how to get started in this fascinating craft / hobby.

Bill Chedham’s carving will be on display in the café alongside some of the turned items made at the yard and carvings by the Coventry team There will be many wooden items available to buy, they make ideal Christmas gifts.

Tools made of wood will be on display as well as children’s toys.